The Future of Hotels: What to Expect?

Two global hotel chains, Marriot and Starwood, merged into what is today the largest hotel company in the world. So, what’s interesting about two big chains going through a standard merger? Besides the fact that they now have more than 1million rooms combined, the merger has also given way for other hotel chains to do something similar.

Accor Hotels, a mainstay in affordable 4 star hotels, recently announced that they’ll be partnering up with FRHI holdings, which is primarily known for its luxury hotels. With the two being at the opposite ends of the spectrum, expect some unique developments (possibly an affordable five star hotel room).

5 Secrets for Getting Cheap Airline Tickets

As a general rule of thumb, the further you book your flight in advance, the lower the fare will be. This is why many summer tourists book their flights all the way in January. Many industry experts believe that the ideal time to book a ticket is 8 weeks before the scheduled flight. Do note that while advanced booking will generally cost you less, many airlines might also offer great bargains right before a flight due to sudden cancelations. This brings us to…

5 Unseen Benefits of Travelling

It is often said that travelling is a great investment in yourself; we personally believe that the statement could not have been any truer. It’s one thing to read about something on the internet, but experiencing it with your own eyes is an entirely different experience altogether. Not only does it bring a new appreciation for different cultures, it also eliminates stereotypes.

Dealing with Money While Travelling in a Group

If you’re a solo backpacker who has never travelled in a group before, you are missing out on a lot. Group tours can be a lot of fun while also being light on your wallet as most expenses are shared among the members. There’s also the fact that some tours offer huge discounts on groups, adding further incentive.

However, the division of expenses can be a huge issue within groups, especially if you are travelling with them for the first time. This can lead to boiling tensions among members that can spoil the trip for everyone. To ensure that doesn’t happen, here are a few suggestions:

How Will Brexit Affect Your Next Vacation?

There are two factors that we’ll need to look at; the fuel prices as well as the 1994 Open Skies Agreement. The first of these is pegged to the dollar, which means that as the dollar rises in value, so will fuel prices. As the dollar saw an unprecedented climb since news of the exit first broke out, fuel prices have increased substantially, making airfare more expensive. No one can say how this will change in the future, but in the short run, you’ll be paying more.

Setting Up a Travel Budget

You might be dreaming about your next holiday in the Bahamas while surfing through Google images of the place. But while the pictures may seem tempting, let’s not forget the real world obstacles that stand between you and Shangri-La, the most evident being your budget. Yes, a step back to reality isn’t as much fun, but it’s still better than running out of money during the trip. Here’s how you can plan out a tension free vacation without having to worry about your cash flow.