Are First Class Trips Worth It

You’re waiting at the airport ticketing counter behind 20 other people hoping to be served before the plane takes off. While you count the minutes with a 30 pound suitcase hanging by your shoulder, a well dressed man walks in with a porter carrying his luggage. He is directed to the first class ticketing counter where he is served a gold glazed ticket without having to wait in line. As he sits comfortably in the lush first class lounge, you try coming up with justifications as to why that man, who you don’t even know, is a pretentious millionaire.

Best Tourist Destinations for Foodies

Let’s start the list with an unconventional choice; hotdogs. More specifically, the ‘Chicago dog’ at Vienna beef hotdog stands. Yes, a hotdog stand managed to make the cut for global must try food destinations, and for good reason. Imagine the juiciest, sauciest hot dog that can fit in a poppy seed bun garnished with white chopped onions, tomatoes, pickles and mustard. Oh, and let’s not forget the special sauce that’s unique to the Chicago dog. What’s it made of? We don’t want to know.