New York city is like another planet which never sleeps. with whistle-stop destination on every turn. If you are too wondering about the places, to make your trip dream full and memorable. We have sort out best sights in the city, featuring: Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Finger Lake, Time Square count down, Statue of Liberty, Empire state Building and many more. There are infinite number of things that you can do and see in NYC does not matter that whether it is a day or a night.

1 Statue of Liberty, Battery park & Ellis Island


The Statue of liberty is an icon of freedom which is basically welcoming sight to immigrants arriving from abroad. This copper statue designed by Frédéric Auguste was gift to united states by France. It was built in 1886 and it is representing Libertas and Roman Goddess. The height of this copper statue is 151 ft. and 46 m.

Visiting Options:

Let’s look on visiting options to liberty islands, the first option you will see is, wait for ferry to take you from battery park to the liberty island, in between there is Ellis island. The first boat arrives around 9:00 AM in morning and last leave around 5:00 PM., so to make your trip hassle free and enjoyable, our tip is get in line a little early so that you can buy it early.

  1. Central Park


Central park is one of the best and most visited park in middle upper Manhattan. It was established in 1857 and it covers 778 acres of land.  The park has lots of attractive places some of them are Strawberry Fields, Central park ZOO which is amazing, you can try sating in winter and paddling in summer.

Visiting Options:

To make the trip more enjoyable and less tiring, you can also ride by renting a bike. you will get it on reasonable rates. If you are too planning to experience it Book a NYC central Park Bike rental.


  1. Empire State Building



Empire state building stood as the world tallest building located in midtown Manhattan. it stands a total of 443 meters high and is known by an American cultural icon. This building has been named as “Seven wonders of the modern World”. In the clear view you will see views of various landmarks such as statue of liberty,Brooklyn bridge, time square and more.

Visiting Options:

The way to building is way long and can be counted as ridiculous, so better option is buy Empire state building tickets, the advantage of tickets is if the day is not good you can save it and can use it on another day.

  1. Brookyln Bridge



Brooklyn bridge is one of the oldest and first steel wire bridge, it is also known as suspension bridge. The towers are built of limestone and granite offers safe journey to pedestrians ,tourists, bicycle and cars.

During the construction of the bridge nearly two dozen workers and original designer died and still it roughly carries 150,000 vehicles and pedestrians every day.

  1. Finger Lakes



Finger lake is group of 11 north south lakes and is famous for their wine. This is must see destination, as for everyone their is something in this park from biking to hiking, boating, fishing Agriculture. Watkins Glen State Park hosts 19 waterfalls within the gorge itself! The area is filled with lots of waterfalls, state parks, and glimmering lakes to explore.

Adorable scenery, Top quality wines, outdoor activities and more are what is waiting for your exploration in this region of New York. You will be glad you visited the Finger Lakes.