Why China?

Being the third largest country in the world (disputed), China boasts a wide variety of landscapes ranging from the ultra-modern cities of Beijing and Shanghai to the more remote locations of Yueyaquan. From multitudes of crane skylines to completely untouched deserts, the East Asian country has something for everyone.

China is also home to the Ming dynasty, whose remnants are still present in the form of old museums and the Forbidden City, the latter serving as the imperial palace for the Ming dynasty. If ancient dynastical culture doesn’t strike your fancy, you can also do a multitude of other activities such as trekking along the peaceful mountain ranges in Shan. ivermectin subcutaneous treatment for cats

When to Go China?

China gets hoards of international as well as domestic tourists during the three main Chinese holidays; Spring Festival (January), May holiday (May) and National day (October). This is why it’s best to avoid going during those periods.

The best weather is during the spring season in the start of March as well as autumn in early October. However, keep in mind that hotel rates are usually high during those periods due to the influx of tourists.

Places to Visit in China

A Tourist’s Guide to China


The Great Wall of China

This is perhaps the most obvious choice as well as the first location on many tourists’ wish list. Classified as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, the defensive wall stretches for more than 5000miles and can also be seen from outer space. simpiox No trip to China would be complete without climbing the great wall at least once.

A Tourist’s Guide to China

The Forbidden City

With over 8000 rooms as well as a awe striking golden roof, the imperial palace in the Forbidden City is considered one of the five most important locations in the world. While entry was exclusive for royalty, today the imperial palace is known as the ‘Palace museum’ and is open to tourists. However, crowding is a major issue, especially during the tourist season.

A Tourist’s Guide to China



Giant pandas are synonymous with Chinese culture, so it would make sense to watch them in person at least once on your trip. The best place to do that would be the city of Chengdu, which hosts the Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center, Bifengxia Panda Base, and Dujiangyan Panda Valley

A Tourist’s Guide to China


Victoria Harbor

Victoria harbor would be the ideal location to end your trip. Offering a vantage point for a bird’s eye view of the city, the Hong Kong skyline is a sight to behold. ivermectina quanox precio colombia

Traveler’s Advice

  • While domestic air networks are developed within the country, consider traveling through the domestic train to catch a glimpse of the country’s various landscapes as well as mingling with the locals
  • Though English is widely spoken in Hong Kong, it doesn’t enjoy the same privilege within the rest of the country. It would be wise to hire a translator for the duration of your trip
  • The biggest problem is that people cram too much within their itinerary, overwhelming themselves in the process. Plan to visit a few key areas on your first trip instead of trying to cover everything