Tourist’s Guide to Paris

Why Paris? Affectionately referred to as the romance capital of the world, there’s a reason why France’s capital ranks so high on so many tourist’s wish list. Besides being the background setting in numerous Hollywood classics such as the aptly named “An American in Paris”, the city boasts a wide variety of famous monuments, the […]

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A Tourist’s Guide to Amsterdam

Why Amsterdam? Often touted as the place where nothing is illegal, Amsterdam is a unique mix of both edginess and sobriety. While you’d be hard pressed not to find a “wake and bake” café on every corner of the street, Amsterdam is more than just a pothead’s idea of paradise. The city boasts a wide […]

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A Tourist’s Guide to China

Why China? Being the third largest country in the world (disputed), China boasts a wide variety of landscapes ranging from the ultra-modern cities of Beijing and Shanghai to the more remote locations of Yueyaquan. From multitudes of crane skylines to completely untouched deserts, the East Asian country has something for everyone. China is also home […]

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The Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe

Europe has traditionally been the go-to traveler’s spot, thanks to its huge diversity of landscape as well as the historical value attached with particular cities. But that’s not the only reason why people keep Europe on top of their traveling wish list; it’s also one of the cheapest places to travel and stay (barring a […]

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Space Travel: The Future of Tourism? July 20, 1969 is often considered the most important day in the history of mankind. At 02:56 UTC, Neil Armstrong set the first step on the moon, opening up a plethora of possibilities for the human race. Questions quickly emerged as to where we would go next, and NASA’s PR officers strongly hinted at […]

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