Do you know what’s better than experiencing different cultures at the other end of the world? Experiencing their food! While it may sound crazy to visit another country just to taste the local cuisine, food tourism is now a growing industry that is considered a vital part of the modern tourist package. So the question remains; what are the best places to visit for tantalizing your taste buds?


Best Tourist Destination for Foodies
Hod Dog










Must-Try: Hot Dog

Let’s start the list with an unconventional choice; hotdogs. More specifically, the ‘Chicago dog’ at Vienna beef hotdog stands. Yes, a hotdog stand managed to cut global must-try food destinations, and for good reason. Imagine the juiciest, sauciest hot dog that can fit in a poppy seed bun garnished with white chopped onions, tomatoes, pickles, and mustard. Oh, and let’s not forget the special sauce that’s unique to the Chicago dog. What’s it made of? We don’t want to know.


Best Tourist Destinations for Foodies

Oden Dish

Must-Try: Oden

Japan is considered one of the most economically successful countries in the world. Though exponential industrial growth was the chief reason for this, we believe it had more to do with their healthy food choices. Dishes like Oden, a soupy concoction of tofu, meat, egg, and vegetables serve the purpose of filling your stomach to the brim while hitting all the right flavors. The dish is generally available in 7/11s throughout the country. However, we’d suggest trying authentic Oden that’s available at the Inagaki restaurant in Kojimachi.


Tourist Destinations for Foodies
Adobo Dish

Must-Try: Adobo

Do you know what’s great about the national dish of the Philippines? You can make it at home without having to visit the Island at all. All that’s needed is garlic soy, vinegar, rice, and your choice of meat. Best served with a garnish of oregano.


Tourist Destinations for Foodies
Lobster Dish

Must-Try: Lobster

Lobsters are generally known to be a fine dining centerpiece that cost an arm and a leg. Not in Cuba, probably the only country in the world with an excess of lobsters. While the democratic world serves miserly portions with huge helpings of sidelines, the opposite is true in the Pearl of the Antilles. Feel free to gorge yourself on the deliciously grilled half shell lobster that melts right in your mouth, served with a savor of lemon and garlic butter. Be warned; the tantalizing combination might make you rethink your views on communism.


Tourist Destinations for Foodies
Incir Dolmasi

Must Try: Incir Dolmasi

To give an appropriate end to all the savory specialties around the world, a stopover in Turkey to try their famous Incir Dolmasi. As desserts go, the Dolmasi is unique not only for being a completely organic treat but also because of its low-calorie count (by dessert standards at least). A dried fig composed of loose walnuts with a hint of cinnamon is all that this traditional Turkish treat is made of. The best part? They’ll even teach you to make your very own Dolmasis at the A La-Turka cooking school in Istanbul.