Costa Verde Hotel, Manuel Antonio

Nested in a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, lies the Costa Verde hotel, a tropical themed resort that’s equal parts relaxing and crazy. While the hotel seems like the standard 4 star affair on the outside, it boasts a unique quirk that no one else can replicate.

What’s so unusual?

Situated 50 feet above the Costa Rican jungles, this decommissioned 727 was previously a part of South African airlines. Instead of the regular row seats, the plane features two bedrooms and a makeshift pub. If that’s not strange enough, the fuselage is also frequented by several monkeys due to its proximity with the adjoining park.


The Costa Verde has a total of 70 rooms built on jungle ridges, each with an open balcony that gives a panoramic view of the coastline. All the rooms are air conditioned and equipped with Wi-Fi, mini-bars, kitchen, and TV.

The studio apartment is aimed towards couples and boasts a total living space of 750 square feet. The rooms come with two queen sized beds, private balcony and a pool. These apartments are located in two buildings, both being in close proximity.

If you’re looking for more living space, the penthouse suite might appeal to you. With 900 square feet of space, the room features a panoramic window along with a huge 200 square feet balcony. You can also rent entire guesthouses on the property, but keep in mind that they don’t come with the same hotel facilities that the standard rooms do. However, each bungalow is situated at a considerable distance and comes with its own swimming pool.

The 727 fuselage is furnished with teak paneling from top to bottom, with hand carved furnishings and decorative artwork. Inside the fuselage are two rooms, one with a queen sized beds and the other with two queen sized beds. Amenities include a dining foyer, private entrance, stair case, LED TV and a terrace.

Price Range

While the basic studio apartments start at $70, the fuselage rooms cost around $600 a night. Unfortunately, there are no tours available for guests so you’ll have to cough up the extra dough if you want to explore the fuselage. However, the rates vary a lot depending on the season. So; you might be able to grab a bargain during low traffic seasons such as winter and fall.


Besides the 727 fuselage and wildlife visits, the hotel features two cliff side pools equipped with a sundeck. The hotel also features yoga programs and a computer station.

Beyond the hotel, you can choose to take a stroll down Manuel Antonio National Park, which is located just 300 yards away from the resort. The park is famous for the 180 plus species of birds found locally, and also for the rare flora and fauna. The park also contains four beaches that are separated by a natural land bridge: Playita, Espadilla, Tel doro, and Manuel Antonio.