Tourist’s Guide to Paris

Affectionately referred to as the romance capital of the world, there’s a reason why France’s capital ranks so high on so many tourist’s wish list. Besides being the background setting in numerous Hollywood classics such as the aptly named “An American in Paris”, the city boasts a wide variety of famous monuments, the Eiffel tower being just one of them.

But the great thing about Paris is that it adapts with time; you are likely to not see the same place again upon your next visit. While the Faubourg-St-Denis used to be a remnant of 18th century French architecture, it has now become a hub for young adults to congregate and chat about current politics.

The city is widely considered as one of the most romantic locations in the world with a multitude of things to do. From an early lunch at one of the street side cafes to a kiss below the Eiffel tower, a trip to Paris would certainly be one for the ages.