A Tourist’s Guide to China

Being the third largest country in the world (disputed), China boasts a wide variety of landscapes ranging from the ultra-modern cities of Beijing and Shanghai to the more remote locations of Yueyaquan.From multitudes of crane skylines to completely untouched deserts, the East Asian country has something for everyone.

China is also home to the Ming dynasty, whose remnants are still present in the form of old museums and the Forbidden City, the latter serving as the imperial palace for the Ming dynasty. If ancient dynastical culture doesn’t strike your fancy, you can also do a multitude of other activities such as trekking along the peaceful mountain ranges in Shan.

A Tourist’s Guide to Dubai

Due to its proximity to the equator line, Dubai is extremely hot throughout the year. However, most of the places are air conditioned, including the outdoor ones. Though temperatures are homogenously hot all year, January gets a little bit of rain while the period from November to April enjoys a marginally lower Celsius.

If you are planning the trip on a budget, summers are the ideal time to go as there are some great deals on hotels during this time. But keep in mind that temperatures can reach an overwhelming 50degrees Celsius in June and July.

Tourist Guide to New York

The weather isn’t really that predictable and depends more on your luck. While winters involve thick snowfall and clear skies, summers can be quite uncomfortable with the average temperature being around the 80Farenheit mark. Adding the congestion of traffic jams, it’s probably not viable to visit during this period.

The spring and autumn months are your safest bet to visit the metropolitan city. Weather is generally pleasant during the months of April, May and August to November. The spring season also brings with it numerous festivals and art fairs such as Frieze art fair.

A Tourist’s Guide to Venice

It’s a zero sum game when it comes to choosing the right time for a visit to Venice; you can either choose to go during the more pleasant spring and autumn seasons or during the summer months. While the former are devoid of the hoards of mosquitoes that usually come around during the summer, it can get quite crowded with tourists outnumbering locals by 2:1.

The jack of all trades is definitely the winter season as it tends to get less crowded, which in turn drives down the hotel prices. The weather isn’t too bad as well, with cloudless skies and misty vistas being the highlights of the season. It’s also at the end of this season when the Carnevale takes place.