Europe has traditionally been the go-to traveler’s spot, thanks to its huge diversity of landscape as well as the historical value attached with particular cities. But that’s not the only reason why people keep Europe on top of their traveling wish list; it’s also one of the cheapest places to travel and stay (barring a few cities such as France and London).

The inflation rate has remained virtually zero last year and the recent Brexit fiasco has also caused the euro to drop in value, making it the ideal time to prepare for a Euro-trip. Below are some of the cheapest places to visit in Europe.

1.Kiev, Ukraine

The Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe

While most people tend to associate the ill-fated Chernobyl disaster with the country, its capital Kiev has a lot to offer in terms of historical value and architecture. However, the recent problems with Russia as well as the internal conflicts have caused the Hryvnia to go through huge inflation, so it might be a good idea to check recent currency rates before embarking on your next adventure.

2.Bucharest, Romania

The Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe

We’ll be honest; Bucharest doesn’t really top the list of must-visit locations in Romania, let alone Europe. Besides a few national parks and the extravagant Palace of the Parliament, there’s not much to do there. But what Bucharest lacks in tourist appeal, it makes up for in the price department. Expect to pay less than $25 a day, including accommodation at a reasonable hotel, food, transportation and entertainment.

3. Sofia, Bulgaria

The Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe

The biggest cost you would be incurring while travelling to the city is probably the plane ticket. Due to its remote location, finding inbound flights to this urban city might not be easy. Everything else is pretty cheap however, and the city boasts several unique attractions such as the city center along with the plethora of historical church buildings.

4.Krakow, Poland

The Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe

With an influx of Europeans entering the city every other weekend, it’s a wonder how this Polish city still manages to be affordable. With so many places of interest such as the Wawel Castle, Main Square and the Krakow Cloth Hall, it’s probably a good idea to plan out a vacation before prices start increasing again.

5.Belgrade, Serbia

The Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe

While the majority of the country may be covered in snow, Belgrade boasts a respectable slew of attractions such as the Nikola Tesla museum, Belgrade Fortress and the Avala tower. It may not be the most appealing of the Baltic cities, but tourists can enjoy the wide range of alcohol available at dirt cheap prices. Oh, and the cost of vacationing is just $27 per day!

6.Sarajevo, Bosnia

The Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe

Like Sofia, Sarajevo is also situated in a remote location between the mountains, so the plan ticket might get quite pricey. Upon reaching the Balkan city however, you can experience a rich cultural history in the Muslim town next door along with long, serene walks along mountainous paths.