What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘air travel’? tippmix élő eredmények Unless you’ve been travelling first class your entire life, we are guessing images of congested seats, bad food and the deafening noise of the engines. We don’t blame you as airline have never really been associated with luxury, unless you pay a premium price for it. Even for the business class, passengers have been complaining about the lack of luxury except for more leg space and bigger seats.

It seems as if some responsible airline carriers took note of this, coming up with new, lavish suites that defy all the usual sentiments associated with air travel.

Here are the best luxury airline cabins in the world today.



Let’s start off the list with the airline that’s almost synonymous with luxury travel. Emirates has always been seen as a primarily luxury airliner with more first class seats than economy. However, it’s their A830 first class that managed to steal the spotlight here.

While it’s not as spacious as most first class cabins, the A830 does sport a stylish interior along with one of the most comprehensive onboard entertainment systems in the world. Other amenities include a wine bar, privacy doors and even a showering area! If you’re thinking about travelling anytime soon, book fast as there are just 14 first class suites on the A830.



You might have heard of the revolutionary first class apartments t the carrier launched in 2013. The Etihad A830 was the first flight in the world to introduce these massive compartments, and when we say massive, we really mean it. While not as stylish as the Emirates first class suites, these single aisled rooms are enough to host 8-10 people comfortably.

Like Emirates, Etihad also has a private shower area and even a lounge between the business and first class aisles. They have also addressed our gripes with bad airline food by having world class chefs onboard that can prepare any dish you demand!

Japanese Airlines


While JAL has never really been thought of as a luxury airliner, they changed their image with the introduction of the first class 777. Rather than the conventional foldable beds, the airline uses Japanese themed seats to keep the passengers comfortable. gaminator online kaszinó Though they may seem to be a step down from the conventional choice, they are actually much more spacious and made from premium materials.

Customizability is the name of the game, as JAL first class let’s you tweak even the most minute of details. From the choice of meals between Western and Japanese to the color of your pillows, you can even choose the firmness of your mattress!

Singapore Airlines


Last but not least, we have the infamous $23000 Singapore Airlines Suites A380 that made headlines back in 2008 for introducing double beds. Though the airline has been surpassed in terms of luxury by several others carriers,  it will always be remembered for being the innovators of luxury air travel. lovi fogadóiroda