The hotel industry has gone through several changes over the years. While world class amenities and infinity pools used to be the benchmark previously, modern hotels are basing their hotels on a particular concept or niche to stand out from the rest.

If you’re tired of the usual 5star hotels and want to try something new, you’re in luck, as several of these concept hotels have opened for business. However, they won’t be light on your wallet, as the per night rate on most of them is in 4 digit figures.

We’ll be doing a six part blog series, starting with the first one…

Conrad Hotel, Rangila

The World’s Most Unusual Hotels: Conrad Hotel


The Maldives is host to a number of luxury hotels, but none comes close to the uniqueness of the Conrad hotel on Rangali Island. Part of the world class Conrad Hotel & Resorts brand, the hotel takes on a completely different take on living on the water

The World’s Most Unusual Hotels: Conrad Hotel

Entering one of the stilt villa huts, you’ll be equal parts amazed and confused at the completely see through walls and flooring, almost as if you were suspended at the bottom of the sea. That’s because the rooms are actually submerged beneath the Indian Ocean, with passing whales and dolphins waving at you through the glass enclosure!

The World’s Most Unusual Hotels: Conrad Hotel

Water Villa

These villas range from 75 to 115 square meters in size. The deluxe villas are bigger in size and provide a better view of the island. However, the Premier and Superior villas are the cream of the crop, with a separate living room, office and even a pool and Jacuzzi.

Beach Villa

The beach villas are situated on the borders of the ocean and are generally cheaper than the sunset and water villas. They include a roof to floor window with a Maldivian themed interior, a private terrace and a spa. If you’re travelling with family, consider the Twin villas as they are are larger.

Sunset Villa

If the ocean gets you anxious, you can also choose the sunset rooms that have rotatable beds following the direction of the sunset.

Price Range

The water villas are priced higher than the $1000 beach and sunset villas, being priced at around $1200 per night. Due to the influx of tourists in this season, however, the price can go up to $2000.


The World’s Most Unusual Hotels: Conrad Hotel

You can choose to experience life as a sea dweller, as the hotel offers activities such as diving with the resident manta rays, snorkeling, and even a submarine that can take you to the depths of the ocean. If you’re not the adventurous type, the hotel also boasts of an Island trip where you are transported to one of the several secluded islands. There, you can enjoy a solitary walk along the peaceful beaches and enjoy a custom lunch prepared just for you. Other amenities include an open air cinema, high speed WIFI, and a 20,000 bottle underwater bar.