Why New York?

Also known as the Big Apple or the greatest city in the world, New York exemplifies urban city life. Being the setting for numerous TV shows such as Friends and How I met your mother, the city isn’t actually as mean as it’s portrayed in popular media. In fact, New York makes you feel safe wherever you go, mostly due to the intelligent designing of the Manhattan Grid that makes it easy to navigate your way around.

While city life is fast paced, expect unsolicited conversations with strangers telling you about their life story. Taking a walk along one of the pathways leading to Time Square, it is easy to zone out at the plethora of shopping centers located at every nook at cranny of the Big Apple.

When to Go?

The weather isn’t really that predictable and depends more on your luck. While winters involve thick snowfall and clear skies, summers can be quite uncomfortable with the average temperature being around the 80Farenheit mark. Adding the congestion of traffic jams, it’s probably not viable to visit during this period.

The spring and autumn months are your safest bet to visit the metropolitan city. Weather is generally pleasant during the months of April, May and August to November. The spring season also brings with it numerous festivals and art fairs such as Frieze art fair.

Places to Visit

Tourist Guide to New York


Statue of Liberty

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear of New York? The Statue of Liberty of course! The monumental statue was given as a gift by the French and has since been the most iconic representation of freedom worldwide. It is also the world’s largest statue, standing at more than 150feet tall!

The statue offers a bird’s eye view of the New York skyline and is located at Liberty Island, which is accessible by a boat only. However, the statue gets an influx of tourists from around the globe so make sure to book tickets beforehand.

Tourist Guide to New York


Empire State Building

The second most famous representation of New York, the Empire State building was the highest structure in the world for 41 years! Reaching the 102nd floor observatory via the high speed glass lift is an experience in itself. It is said that visitors can see distances of more than a 100miles from this vantage point.

Tourist Guide to New York


Central Park

Featured in a plethora of movies and pop culture, Central park is a refreshing change from the hustle of the fast paced city life. Make sure to visit Strawberry fields and the Central Park zoo. If you’re visiting during the winter, you can also skate on the frozen Central Park Lake.

Traveler’s Advice

  • To avoid long queues at the Empire State Building, consider getting an optional Skip the Line ticket
  • Since the city can get quite congested, parking is generally expensive. Consider getting a bike or using taxis to move about instead of renting a car