De Glace Ice Hotel, Quebec

World’s Most Unusual Hotels: De Glace Ice Hotel

About 5 miles north of central Quebec lies a structure that can capture your wildest imagination. While most travelers tend to spend the least amount of time in a hotel during a vacation, this one is so unique that it has been classified as a tourist spot by the Quebec government. The only true ice hotel in North America, De Glace offers an experience unparalleled to any other.

What’s so unusual?

World’s Most Unusual Hotels: De Glace Ice Hotel

As you may have guessed, the ice hotel is made completely out of snow. By everything, we mean the walls, floor, furniture, even the chandeliers! It’s one thing to sip champagne out of an antique beer stein, but being served in an ice glass is an entirely different experience.

You might be wondering how the structure manages to survive through the hotter months of the year. Well, it doesn’t; besides the fact that it’s made out of snow, the hotel is also unique for being reconstructed every year. In fact, when the hotel first opened its doors in 2001, it was located in Montmorency falls park outside of Quebec.

Using 35,000 tons of custom made snow and ice, the hotel is rebuilt at the start of the winter season and is open for business from January to April. About 50 expert sculptors are hired to rebuild the structure from scratch, resulting in one of the most detailed ice structures in the world.

Hotel Rooms

World’s Most Unusual Hotels: De Glace Ice Hotel

There are a total of 51 rooms with double beds, each room being about 16by16 feet in size. Each room contains a heated bathroom and a mini bar which you probably won’t need.

With all the snow and ice surrounding it, you might think that the hotel is more of a novelty than a comfortable accommodation. That’s not really the case, as the hotel maintains an indoor temperature of -5 to -3 degrees, which isn’t really that bad if you consider the outdoor temperatures in Quebec during the winter season.

You won’t be sleeping on ice beds either, as a warm and comfortable mattress is lodged onto the icy bed frames. Inside the rooms, you’ll be greeted with snow art on every corner of the wall. Oh, and there’s a fireplace too in case you want to cozy up.

Price Range

The De Glace hotel is one of the few ice hotels that are affordable, with prices starting at just $200. The deluxe rooms go at about $500, but availability is very limited. If living in an ice castle isn’t your fantasy, you can also choose to take a private tour instead which will cost you about $20.

Hotel Activities

World’s Most Unusual Hotels: De Glace Ice Hotel

The hotel boasts of a nightclub, wedding chapel and a rooftop spa, all made of ice. There’s a gigantic 40 foot ice slide as well, but perhaps the most unique attraction is the indoor water park, which manages to replicate a sunny beach afternoon in glacial weather.