Tree Hotel, Harads

World’s Most Unusual Hotels: Tree Hotel

As kids, we always had this unique affinity with tree houses. Spending countless hours nestled in your own private room suspended between the trees used to be the fancy for most children. Growing up, it becomes harder to relive those moments, mostly because you wouldn’t fit in them anymore. The Tree hotel in Sweden allows you to relive those good old days again, but with a twist.

What’s so unusual?

World’s Most Unusual Hotels: Tree Hotel

There are so many unusual things about the Tree Hotel that we don’t even know where to begin. For starters, the rooms are actual tree houses suspended a few meters above the ground. Secondly, each tree house is modeled after a particular theme, including a UFO and funhouse theme. Finally, all rooms take on an eco-friendly approach, with features such as a combustion toilet and misting sinks that save water.

Tree Hotel Rooms

World’s Most Unusual Hotels: Tree Hotel

Mirror Cube

As mentioned before, each room is modeled after a particular theme, with the mirror cube being the most intriguing. The most expensive of the lot, the structure is supported by aluminum frames that are covered with a mirror on all sides, giving it a camouflaging effect with the surroundings. مواقع البث المباشر If you’re worried about birds flying into the structure, the Swedish thought about that too, installing infrared films on all ends that are only detectable by birds. اول من لعب الدومينو The cube accommodates two people and contains a lounge with a rooftop terrace.


The second unusual room is the UFO, which borrows design inspirations from… you guessed it – a UFO! The oval structure is made out of resilient cast material and contains two floors. The room is ideal for families of four and contains space themed pillows and blankets.

Bird’s Nest

The Bird’s nest looks like a barebones structure externally but houses a cozy living area on the inside. Furnished with wood panels and artwork, the nest is ideal for bigger families as it contains two separate bedrooms, bathroom and a living area.


The idea behind the cabin was to provide a bird’s eye view of the entire area. Thus, this particular room is situated at the greatest height among all and can only be accessed via a makeshift bridge. The design quirks include a slight tilt towards the bottom, giving it the appearance of being smaller than it actually is.

Blue Cone

Perhaps bringing some order to the craziness is the blue cone, which is modeled after a traditional ranch. It is also situated at a height and can be accessed through a bridge. The Blue Cone contains 4 beds, a bathroom and a living room. جميع المواقع الرياضية


The newly designed dragonfly is currently the biggest room of the lot and boasts of a lounge, two group rooms and even a conference table.

Tree Hotel Price Range

Prices vary depending on which room you get, but $700 is the average rate for a 2 bed room. Expanding the number of beds will increase the rate to $1100