Space Travel: The Future of Tourism? July 20, 1969 is often considered the most important day in the history of mankind. At 02:56 UTC, Neil Armstrong set the first step on the moon, opening up a plethora of possibilities for the human race. Questions quickly emerged as to where we would go next, and NASA’s PR officers strongly hinted at […]

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The World’s Most Unusual hotels: Conrad Hotel

The hotel industry has gone through several changes over the years. While world class amenities and infinity pools used to be the benchmark previously, modern hotels are basing their hotels on a particular concept or niche to stand out from the rest. If you’re tired of the usual 5star hotels and want to try something […]

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Office Dweller’s Guide to a Relaxing Vacation

In a hypothetical list of people that deserve a vacation, office workers with sedentary jobs should rank somewhere in the top three. The redundant 9 to 5 routine certainly takes its toll on even the most resilient of workers, and a vacation provides them with the opportunity to see beyond their usual computer desks. But […]

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The World’s Most Unusual Hotels: Silver Mine Hotel

Silver Mine Hotel, Sweden,_Sala_Silver_mine,_Sala,_Sweden.JPG Well, the fact that the Silver Mine hotel isn’t a hotel in the first place. It’s actually a silver mine that has now been converted into a bed and breakfast. The mine was first shafted at the end of the 17th century, with the site being a hub for silver […]

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How Will Traveling Change In the Future?

The last decade saw its fair share of developments in the tourism industry. The world’s first double bed flight was launched, e-tourism rose in popularity, and the internet completely replaced the traditional travel agent through online booking sites. Nobody could have predicted before 2000 how drastically the traveling  experience would change. This begs the question […]

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